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Thank you Ms. Robbie!!  Lil Caleb’s last day will be Monday. Thank you for ALL that you have done for Caleb (and Asaiah)!!!  We are truly grateful for you and the teachers at New Life!


Thanks for emailing the supply list!  …NLPS rah rah  🙂   love you guys!

p.s.  we love the ‘theme days’.


Hi Robbie

I want to let you know we love New Life and would highly recommend to other people.
I would keep Irene at New Life as like my other kids if it wouldn’t for our moving.

Thank you for your loving teachers there taking care of Irene in the past month.

Peini & Witoon

Thanks for being diligent with everything.  We appreciate all that you guys did to accommodate our special circumstances the last two months.  We are so happy to be back.

Hi Robbie,

Today is their last day….. (sad face)!!!!  We’re going to miss you guys once again! Thanks for all of the love and care that you show the little people.


New Life Staff,

Thanks for the video clip!  This is why I love New Life Preschool!  You guys are simply amazing.  We couldn’t have been blessed with a better school.  These little ones in the PreK class are so incredibly bright!  Thank you for all that you do!

Sis Robbie,

Thanks for the wonderful care Julianna received at New Life.  She still talks about it a lot.  I hope to see you soon!  Blessings!

New Life Preschool,

Our family would like to thank you for all your thoughts and prayers last week.  We are so grateful for the concern, the hugs and most of all the prayers from so many of the teachers and parents of New Life.  We are happy that we found such a wonderful and loving support system in New Life Preschool Staff and New Life Preschool Parents… the warmth, concern and prayers that we felt from you all is something we’ll remember forever.  Thank you!

Ms Crawford,

Aiden’s time at New Life has been enriching and a tremendous step in his mental, physical, and social development.  What he has acquired here will not be lost but will continue through a variety of opportunities and challenges in life.  I have heard great things about you from others and have found them all to be true….

Thanks so much and may the Lord continue to bless you

Ms Crawford,

Devyn loved Spa Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was really jealous.  I think the parents should have been invited to join, not just to look at the room…I didn’t want to be left out  :0)  You all did a great job!