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Thanks a bunch! Also (my child) loves her school! My baby is learning so much and I appreciate you and your staff!  When she told me she learned about arachnids I was blown away….I had to go home and google what she said. LOL!
Have a great day!

My son loves New Life!  He asks to go everyday.

Hi Robbie,

It was so great to see everyone at the performance last week. We sooooooo miss you guys!

It’s incredible how much of a difference a Christian Education makes. Their Kindergarten teacher was convinced they’d been to Kindergarten before. All of the staff at their new school tell me how sweet and caring my kids are…

Thanks again for all that you do!

New Life Preschool was a great experience for my daughter.
Thank you,
Thank you! I was (so proud of my son in the performance last night). Not saying this to brown-nose, but I know that the preschool really helped him last year, both academically and socially.
Thank you so much!!  You always make everything so easy!!  I appreciate it so much.

Mrs. Robbie,

Good morning Robbie –

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with my husband and I earlier this week. We are very excited about the idea of our daughter joining your school…


Good morning Ms. Crawford,

…I wanted to thank you for showing me and my mother your wonderful facility.  I was thoroughly impressed by pretty much EVERYTHING!  LOL! …

…Shyla is super excited and ask me everyday when is she going to her new school! LOL! …


Oh Robbie….the twins had a WONDERFUL time. They were so upset with me each time I picked them up. Madison cried when it was time to leave. They said I came too early (and it was AFTER 5:00pm) and they wanted to come EVERY DAY, not just on days daddy and I are at work. LOL!   I love it…..I love you guys…..I love the kids there….Please Please Please consider doing summer camp for school age children throughout Elementary. You guys are heaven sent! Seriously!  I want you to know….I’m praying for you guys to let them return EVERY summer. LOL!