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2012-10-30-20-15-28Good communication is very important to us and is essential for the continuity of care for each student.  We have many ways of keeping open communication between the home and classroom.

Our classrooms are rich with information.  Children’s original work is displayed prominently throughout the room for parents to view.  Each classroom has a Parent Information Center with an Information Board where all notes, reminders, calendars, etc. are posted.  There is also a Lesson Plan Wall which prominently displays the concepts taught and activities for the day and the week.

Teachers will correspond with parents via the classroom information board or by sending notes and class papers home with the student through a variety of methods including Daily ReportsMonthly Classroom Newsletters, Daily Communication Folders, Incident Reports and more..  The purpose of the communication is to keep parents informed of the child’s progress, needs and upcoming events and for parents to communicate daily with the teachers.

Preschool Director: Dr. Robbie Crawford  rcrawford@nlpreschool.com