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New Life Preschool in Bridgeton, MO just celebrated its 44th year in operation. NLPS uses a professional Christian education curriculum, ABeka Book, which endeavors to train and build each child mentally, socially, and spiritually. This is combined with ”i-school” which adds the hands-on, learning-through-play component with science, social studies and computers. This component emphasizes discovery learning through developmentally- appropriate exploration and pretend play. NLPS also has daily Bible, character-building lessons, as well as Spanish, Music and Art classes.

New Life Preschool is one of a kind!  No longer will you as a parent have to decide between a Christian education and a quality education for your preschooler.  You have found preschool that is taken to the next level.

When you walk into our facility, you will notice the bright, clean atmosphere.  The sturdy construction of the building, with it’s cinder block walls, heavy wood doors and over-sized windows will remind you that there is an amazing amount of history and tradition at New Life Preschool.  It was established in 1972.  In spite of the fact that the preschool has been operating for over 40 years, nothing feels old about it.  It is teeming with life, inspiration and innovation.  Each generation has added its creative touch until today where the most current best practice standards are followed for every age level.

After you notice the security doors and the bio-metric check-in station for families, you will descend the stairs into the lower level.  The sounds will come floating past you of children’s voices who may be socially interacting with each other, answering academic questions, role playing with life skills, pretending to be a tiger, singing, laughing, or chanting a Spanish fingerplay under the loving guidance of patient Christian teachers.   As you proceed down the hall, you will see a large sign that cheerfully reads, “i-school” and you ask yourself, “What is i-school?”

i-school is a philosophy which asserts that children should become confident learners where the learning environments are carefully coordinated with a curriculum that is intelligent, interesting, innovative and interactive.  We create confident learners with the 4×4 method:

There are 4 Attributes of i-school


1.       Intelligentchallenging content, provides a smart start in academics

2.       Innovative-cutting edge program, latest technology and tools

3.       Interactive-uses all of the senses, learning styles & communication methods

4.       Interesting-relevant & intriguing, stimulating special events


There are 4 Aspects of i-school


1.   Connections – continuous classrooms, educational events, coordinated curriculum, and teaching teams all work together to make the children’s education of central importance, relevant and exciting by connecting the subjects for them and linking their acquired classroom skills to meaningful experiences.

2.    Information is empowering, academic potential is directly associated with early exposure, Teaching concepts of reading, math, science and history takes the child’s brain through the learning process and creates “grooves” for future retention and recall of information.

3.   Cognition is encouraged by helping children to be comfortable with a myriad of mental processing —creating a flexible brain, “use it or lose it” principal: brain connections are discarded if un-activated, wiring of the brain for future retention and recall is crucial in the early years and accomplished through exposure to ideas and experiences

4.    Support of peers who are taught life skills, conflict resolution and how to create their own caring community by important adults who are modeling Christian lifestyles: Socially Secure Settings


There are 4 i-school Learning Environments


1.       Homeroom – academics, discussions, role plays, literature, music and fun projects

2.       Dramatic Playroom – child-centered and child-directed learning through play

3.       Large Motor Area games and activities that promote skills & physical health

4.       Outdoor Playground – exploration of nature, development of skills


There are 4 i-school Curriculum Emphases


1.       Science and Social Studies –two curriculum content areas through which children learn about their world, their community and themselves

2.       Math and Technology – students learn about order in their world through measuring, counting, sorting  and finding patterns; they interact with media that is stimulating, effective, enjoyable and  enhances communication

3.       Language-exposure to the conventions of the English language as well as various other languages to prepare for future phonemic acquisition

4.       The Arts- skillful self-expression of emotions through music, art, drama and dance


Welcome to New Life Preschool!  We believe that you won’t find any other school like it and you will never regret your decision to enroll in our intelligent, interesting, innovative and interactive program – “i-school!”