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What is i-school?

What is i-school?

The “i” in i-school is for 

1. innovative …using new methods, ideas, etc.

2. interactive:…acting one with the other

3. interesting:…engaging, exciting 



i-school describes our classrooms and our curriculum.



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The classrooms of New Life Preschool are child-friendly and inviting.  The rooms are richly decorated and every month the entire classroom is refreshed with a different theme.  Research supports that children who attend preschool in an attractive and inviting environment, concentrate and get along better, and approach learning with a positive attitude and self-concept.

Our early preschool, preschool and pre-kindergarten homeroom classrooms each feature FIVE LEARNING CENTERS that are equipped with inviting age-appropriate learning materials, manipulatives and activities to encourage discover, invention and independence.


  1. Art & Writing Center – This area is set up for students to exhibit personal expression through the various media provided which may include: painting supplies, pencils, crayons, pends, markers, number charts, recyclables, stickers, stamps, magazines, index cards, notebooks, play dough and cookie cutters…104_1857
    2.  Table & Carpet Games – This is a popular center with the students.  They are encouraged to choose a favorite educational activity such as magnetic numbers, pegboards, measures and weights, magnetics, dramatic play & family toys, play food & dishes, blocks & connectors, safe manipulatives for sorting and constructing..


               3. Library & Puzzles – This is a center that may include soft items for relaxing and                enjoying books, puzzles and other quiet play items that encourage literacy skills.


             4. Technology Center – Our computer centers feature many ways for children to                    explore the electronic world on their own or with a friend such as digital                                camcorders, printers, memory devices, art programs, math & language software                  and programs that promote higher level thinking skills and greater hand-eye                        coordination.


              5. Friendship Center – In each classroom we have a Dramatic Play area that serves as a place for children to interact with a friend or in small group activities.  We place a great emphasis on conflict resolution and building interpersonal skills during the formative years and we provide appropriate avenues for children to foster friendships with their peers.



Other settings for learning outside of the home classroom are…

The Learning Lab – The Lab is used for Language, Science and Social Studies classes.  it is a more compact area where the students have close, personal contact with the teachers and are able to concentrate on learning the concepts of the week through class activities, discussions, role plays and fun projects.  The students love the lab!

The Dramatic Playroom – This room focuses on child-centered and child-directed learning through play.  We provide a wide variety of play experiences and materials through which young kids can try new things, experiment, ask questions, talk, read, sing, dance, get messy at times, explore, and listen.  Our goal is to fuel creativity, curiosity, and the desire to know more by setting up many centers of interest with specific learning goals in mind.  The decor of the room is transformed 10 times each year from a jungle to an Indian village and a toy factory or science lab.  The theme of the room corresponds with our Science and Social Studies Units and their expected outcomes.


Gymnasium – Children need to run, walk, skip, throw, and tumble each day.  They need a safe area to stretch their large motor muscles and their vocal chord!  This can be difficult during inclement weather because it is not always easy or appropriate to accomplish in a classroom setting.  What better place for children to play, especially during the winter months, than our large indoor, heated gymnasium?  Teachers lead students in large group games, activities and also provide students the opportunity to enjoy their choice of balls, scooters and other gym equipment.  Children enjoy themselves while engaging in activities that are important to their physical health.


The Music Room – Music instruction is an important part of our learning program.  The preschool and pre-kindergarten classrooms look forward to attending class in the bright, exciting and well-equipped music room.  They learn to sing, keep rhythms, tone match, play simple instruments and enjoy many genres of music.  Music is a creative outlet for preschoolers.


Playground – Our playground is nestled back in a safe, fenced-in area on the New Life campus.  The students can find many challenging activities for running, throwing, jumping, swinging and climbing on our well-equipped playground.  The playground is a place for children to develop through cooperative play by interacting with friends or simply spending quiet time contemplating nature.  Either way, it is a learning experience and an important extension of the classroom.


The Children’s Library – The library is a cozy place for students to engage in storytelling, read a book with a friend or interact in a group discussion.  The library has a large selection of early-childhood literature and it is also equipped with a smartboard for teachers to challenge childhood imaginations with an illustrated story or demonstration.  It is our goal to help parents “Raise a Reader” by teaching children to enjoy and explore literature.