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Early Preschool

Early Preschool

(Ages 1-2)

innovative …using new methods, ideas, etc.

interactive:…acting one with the other

interesting:…engaging, exciting 

i-school describes our classrooms and our curriculum.


What is your toddler’s day like?

New Life Preschool has 15 “Language and Cognitive Development Objectives” for the toddlers including colors, shapes, counting, Spanish, music, language, sign language, art, self-expression and social/emotional development.  Each day the toddlers enjoy Bible lessons and songs, Play-to-Learn discover time, reading circle, lesson time and outdoor adventures.  The classroom is full of activities to stimulate their young minds for learning.  We have Toddler Interest Centers that are set up on different days throughout the week.

Toddler Interest Areas

Large Motor Play:
Soft clutch balls, activity mats, rocking toys, riding toys, large climbing structures


Fine Motor Play:
Action/reaction toys, self-help skills building toys, stacking blocks, puzzles, soft blocks


Imagination Play:
Dolls, cars, animals, dress up, kitchen and tool sets


Music and Movement:
CDs, instruments, toys that sing


Language Development:
Talking books, favorite characters, telephones, microphones, puppets, picture card sets, photo albums


Creative Arts & Sensory Play:

Art materials, dough,oatmeal, rice, whipped cream



Our curriculum are set up to promote active exploration.  Rocking toys and large climbing structures develop gross-motor skills, while pretend play items like kitchen sets and play food illuminate a child’s imagination.

Communication between the home and preschool class is very important to us.  We provide families with a daily log of their child’s feeding, sleeping, diapering and learning activities.  The classroom has a lesson plan board in our Parent Information Center that relays to the parents the activities and learning goals that we are focusing on for the day.

The Toddler Program at New Life Preschool is designed around shared learningexperiences that stimulate and challenge your child every day.  Children learn best by having a variety of choices in an organized environment.  Daily we provide the children with materials and manipulatives as well as planned activities that promote fine- and gross-motor skills, receptive and expressive language, positive relationships with peers and adults, and intellectual curiosity, all while nurturing your child’s developing sense of self.



End of the Year Program and Graduation 

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