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innovative …using new methods, ideas, etc.

interactive:…acting one with the other

interesting:…engaging, exciting 

i-school describes our classrooms and our curriculum.


What is your pre-kindergartener’s day like?

School Readiness Skills:  Phonics, Math and Literature

New Life Preschool makes phonics, math and literature interesting through the A Beka Book curriculum.  New Life Preschool has 30 reading goals and 30 math and numbers goals.  Our students enjoy and memorize up to 30 stories and poems.  These goals include letter recognition & formation, letter sounds, punctuation, sentence characteristics, short and long sounds, combinations of letter sounds into words, counting to 100, counting by 5’s and 10’s, addition, subtraction, numeral recognition, concepts and formation.






New Life preschool is connecting home and school through our computer literacy program.  New Life Preschool has 20 learning outcomes for the pre-kindergarten students in computer applications.  Our program takes computer skills to the next level.  We use exciting educational software to provide entertaining ways for students to gain academic knowledge and skills.  Our classrooms also have digital equipment for students to use including a camera, camcorder, scanner, memory card and card readers.  The students learn to upload, email, print, prepare slide shows and learn to communicate electronically. Click here to view a video on the i-school technology philosophy.



Science and Social Studies

New Life Preschool values learning through play and discovery.  Our program features 10 learning goals in science and social studies and 35 sets of fun facts that the children learn throughout the school year.  A few of the fun facts that they learn are:

  • The planets
  • The layers of the earth’s atmosphere
  • The types of teeth
  • The layers of the skin
  • The ocean
  • The continents
  • Names of minerals
  • Types of rock
  • Phases of the water cycle

These concepts are presented through fun activities, art projects, experiments, music and drama.  Our dramatic playroom decor and manipulatives are set up to reinforce the weekly themes.  Each week culminates with a special event that follows the theme of the week.  Highlights from the past events include:

  • PJ & Pancake Day
  • Dinosaur Bone Dig
  • Pet Day
  • Spa Day
  • Apple Festival
  • Hayride
  • Balloon Launch and many more!




Our curriculum also features a Spanish program.  Each class has a set of Spanish words, phrases and songs that are presented and rehearsed often.  These words and phrases are used in the classroom activities and in daily conversation with the students.


Physical Education

Physical Education is very important for the development of large motor skills.  New Life Preschool has large motor physical development goals for the students.  During the Winter months, the classes have daily gym time and outside play time during the Fall, Spring and Summer months on our well-equipped playground.



In addition to daily opportunity for expression through the classroom art center, students have art classes each week.  Students will bring home expressions of themselves and their learning in their art work.  Student art is displayed prominently in the classroom each month.




Summer Program

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New Life Preschool operates all 12 months of the year.  The year is separated into 2 sessions:  The Academic School Year and The Summer Day Camp.  Our Academic School Year begins at the end of August and is in session through mid-May.  The school year features the Abeka curriculum and other special classes.  The program changes for Summer Day Camp which runs from the first week of June through the second week of August.  The Summer Day Camp is an activity-based program and features weekly themes, projects, activities, and special days with home-connected events.  Age-appropriate education concepts are reviewed each week.  One of the highlights of the week is “Water Day” where the children have fun water activities in our 10 foot water slide!  Our goal is to have a summer of making memories with friends and fun times.


End of the Year Program and Graduation

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