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Still Not Sure If Preschool is Right for Your Child?

Benefits of Preschool
Over 20 reports of longitudinal studies have been released by the Public Policy Forum that supports the following assertions of children in preschool programs:


  • have cognitive advantages over other children in school who did not attend a preschool
  • have positive and lasting increases in IQ
  • have increased cognitive test and achievement scores in school
  • exhibit reduced problem behaviors
  • have a lower likelihood of future criminal or juvenile delinquency behaviors
  • have increased educational achievements
  • have improved social skills with early relationships and increased social development
  • have reduced grade retention and special education enrollment
  • have a higher likelihood of completing high school
  • have a long term improvement in language and math ability
  • have improved school readiness, reading, language and math skills
  • have better motivation and self-control and reduced aggressive behaviors

Dr. Robbie Crawford speaks on the importance of early childhood Christian education

Dr. Robbie Crawford speaks on the importance of brain development between the ages of 0 and 6